12.12. map(NLP, LTZ) – Mapping Luxembourgish in the digital domain. Meertens Institute, Amsterdam, Niederlande, online. [auf Einladung]
14.07. The many sources of variation and the winding course towards standardization. The case of Luxembourgish. Sociolinguistic Symposium 24, Ghent, Belgien. Website
15.06. Why to do things with words. Antrittsvorlesung am Department for Humanities der Universität Luxemburg.
02.05. Visuelle Repräsentationen gesellschaftlicher Mehrsprachigkeit in Vergleich: die Schweiz und Luxemburg. Gemeinsam mit Mirjam Schmalz. Colloque vun der Luxemburgistik, University of Luxembourg.
12.04. Standardization in practice? Individual norm adaptation in Luxembourgish online news comments. ICLaVE 11, Wien, Österreich.
07.02. Why language processing is not “natural” at all. Towards a cultural grounding of NLP. Konferenz “Humanities and the Rise of AI. Implications of Cultural and Societal Engeneering”, World Expo Dubai, Luxembourg Pavillon, 6.–10.02.2022. Video
21.01. Crowdsourcing in linguistics. Experiences from two participatory projects in Luxembourg. LITHME Cost Action, Work Group 8, Public Lecture Series. Online.