Since January 2015, I am working at the University of Luxembourg as a member of the Institute for Luxembourgish language and literature, currently as a research scientist for (computational) sociolinguistics and multilingualism.

Before coming to Luxembourg, I was employee of long years’ standing at the Research Center “Deutscher Sprachatlas” in Marburg, where I finished my doctorate and participated in the development of a comprehensive research platform for the German regional languages (

My research focuses on the complex interdependencies between perception and action on the one hand and the structure and dynamics of cultural symbol systems on the other hand. I am interested in the empirical analysis of sociolinguistic settings, new methodological approaches for the study of language perception and evaluation, and the development of theoretical models for the explanation of both scientific and every day practice in the lifeworld. Beyond that, I’m particularly concerned with the chances and challenges of citizen science and digital humanities for scientific practice. A close connection between societal engagement and computational methods as part of an open research practice to me is both a motivation for my work and a challenge for the future of the humanities.

I am a board member of the International Society for Dialectology of German (IGDD) also committing myself to the promotion of young scholars in Dialectology (Forum Sprachvariation). Since June 2017 I’m a member of the university council as representative of the intermediate staff.