Research interests

Sociolinguistics Multilingualism, variation, attitudes & ideologies, discourse analysis
Computational linguistics NLP, low resource languages, computational sociolinguistics
Culture & digitality Cultural AI, self assertion, politics of classification
Participatory research Citizen science, crowdsourcing, mobile research apps
Theoretical foundations Cultural theory, theory of science, language philosophy

Research projects

Seit 2021 DilCo – Digital Language Variation in Context. Research network on variation in digital communication led by Jannis Androutsopoulos & Heike Zinsmeister (both Hamburg).
Since 2019 Spellux. Automatic text correction for Luxembourgish.
Since 2018 Schnëssen – Är Sprooch fir d’Fuerschung. App-based survey of regional variation and language attitudes in Luxembourg.
Since 2017 Jugendsprooch zu Lëtzebuerg. Info page
Since 2015 Lingscape – Citizen science meets linguistic landscaping. App-based survey of visible multilingualism and written Luxembourgish in public space.
Since 2012 Soziale Präsenz. Eine Philosophie der Selbstbehauptung. Theoretical framework for the analysis of language and digital representations of self in cultural practice.
Since 2012 Das Lautdenkmal reichsdeutscher Mundarten. Rekonstruktion, Edition, Analyse. Reconstruction, edition, and analysis of a historical German audio corpus, the so called “Sound Monument of German Dialects”.

Finished Projects

2017 – 2020 STRIPS – A Semantic Search Toolbox for the Retrieval of Similar Patterns in Luxembourgish Documents. Computational linguistic exploration and analysis of a Luxembourgish text corpus. STRIPS
2008 – 2014 (REDE). An interactive linguistic GIS for the German regional languages.
2004 – 2010 Regionalsprache und Hörerurteil. Grundzüge einer perzeptiven Variationslinguistik (Dissertation project)
2004 – 2009 Digitaler Wenker-Atlas (DiWA). Digital version of Georg Wenker’s language atlas survey.

Conference/Workshop Organization

2021 Anniversary conference “15 Joer Institut fir Luxemburgistik op der Aktuell Fuerschung an der Sprooch- a Literaturwëssenschaft” at the University of Luxembourg, Esch/Belval, 18.–19.11.2021, together with the Institute for Luxembourgish Language and Literature
2018 Conference “Sprooch(en) am berufflechen Alldag zu Lëtzebuerg” at the University of Luxembourg, Esch/Belval, 22.11.2018, together with Peter Gilles, Jeanne Glesener, Mélanie Wagner
2018 Workshop “New Methods in Computational Sociolinguistics” at Lorentz Center, Leiden, 5.–9.11.2018, together with Nanna Hilton, Dirk Hovy and Dong Nguyen
2017 Conference “Linguistic Landscapes 9 – Movement and Immobilities” at the University of Luxembourg, Esch-Belval, 29.–31.03.2017, together with Kasper Juffermans. Link
2015 Conference “Räume, Grenzen, Übergänge” of the International Society for Dialectology of German e.V. at the University of Luxembourg, Esch/Belval, 10.–12.09.2015, together with Peter Gilles and Caroline Döhmer
2013 Workshop “Determinanten linguistischer Salienz: Theoretische Konzepte, methodische Probleme, empirische Evidenzen” at the University of Vienna, 15.–16.11.2013, together with Andrea Kleene (Bremen)
2013 Conference “5. Tagung des Forums Sprachvariation” in Marburg, 10.–11.10.2013, together with Hanna Fischer (Marburg) and Robert Langhanke (Flensburg)
2010 Conference “3. Tagung des Forums Sprachvariation” in Erlangen, 14.–15.10.2010, together with Sebastian Kürschner (Erlangen) and Cornelia Lorenz (Paderborn)