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Welcome to my personal website. Here you will primarily find information and posts related to my work at the University of Luxembourg. However, from time to time also thoughts about things that interest me as a halfday human being may pop up, be it independent music, strategic boardgames or flippancy in general.

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Recent publications

  • Paper(T)Apping the linguistic landscape. Methodological challenges and the scientific potential of a citizen-science approach to the study of social semiotics. Linguistic Landscape 3(3), Methodology in Linguistic Landscape Research, 246–266. Link
  • PaperLanguage regard and cultural practice – Variation, evaluation, and change in the German regional languages. In: Evans, Betsy/Benson, Erica/Stanford, James (eds.): Language regard: Methods, Variation, and Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 249–265. Link

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 Project “Lingscape. Citizen Science meets Linguistic Landscaping”

 Project “Sound Monument of the German Dialects”

 International Society for Dialectology of German

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