Good books to read on

So far, I have mostly been working with German books (see the list below), many of which offer great introductory sections and recipes. As far as English books are concerned, I would recommend the following for beginners:

  • Ken Forkish: Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread und Pizza. (Berkley: Ten Speed Press. 2012. Great introduction to the essential bread-baking techniques; the recipe section contains mostly wheat-based breads, though; as a compensation, you get an extra part on how to bake a spectacular pizza

Definitely not for beginners, but close to the ultimate encyclopedia of bread baking:

  • Myhrvold, Nathan & Francisco Migoyaa: Modernist Bread. 5 volumes. Bellevue, WA: The Cooking Lab. 2017 | Monumental opus for nerds; if you have a year, you will find almost everything there is to know about bread and baking

German books

  • Valesa Schell: Der Brotbackkurs. Einfach starten – Profi werden. Stuttgart: Ulmer. 2019 | Very approachable, good explanations; from simple techniques to more complicated recipes; some instructions are somewhat incomplete, though, especially for beginners
  • Lutz Geißler & Björn Hollensteiner: Brotbackbuch Nr. 2. Alltagsrezepte & Tipps für naturbelassenes Brot. Stuttgart: Ulmer. 2018. | Great recipe section with basic recipes and variations to customize; somewhat brief introductory part on basics and techniques
  • Teubner: Brot. München: Teubner 2016. | Good introduction to material and craft basics; in cooperation with the German national baker team
  • Lutz Geißler: Brotbackbuch Nr. 1. Grundlagen und Rezepte für ursprüngliches Brot. Stuttgart: Ulmer. 2013. | Very detailed introductory section with technical and biochemical details; somewhat technical in style