Sign stories | 2 | Orange shop, Luxembourg

Place: Orange | Telecommunication shop | 5, Place d’Armes, 1136 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Lately, the discussion about multilingualism and language use in Luxembourg has gained a lot of attention, be it the media buzz about the two language policy petitions or the fresh but flawed public orthography campaign. Even international media are picking up on the topic. So, against … Read more

Sign stories | 1 | Snack Ankara, Luxembourg

Part 1 | I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes… Place: Snack Ankara | Kebab restaurant | 6, Avenue Monterey, 2163 Luxembourg, Luxembourg As data collection with and development of Lingscape steadily progress, today I want to start a little series of analyses of individual signs to demonstrate the richness and complexity … Read more

Methodological groundings of a sustainable community-driven linguistic landscapes research

Whenever you begin a new research project, you need to think about the methodology you want to employ in order to collect and process data, produce and communicate results. In many cases this basically means „Hey, let’s use a mobile application for data collection because it looks cool and do everything else like we’ve done … Read more